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Indoor CBD Premium Flowers – 100% additive FREE

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Green Spirits CBD Prerolled Joints are popular for their portability and immediacy. The Joints are assembled using only organic papers based on natural hemp. Avoid grinding and packing by hand. The legal hemp inflorescences are of high quality, strictly selected, grown without the use of chemical additives and/or pesticides. The terpenic profile of Joint Green Spirits is certainly positioned in excellent positions. This product contains 1 gram of only indoor female inflorescences. Each Joint is rolled by Hands.

Prerolled Joint Green Spirits are individually packaged in practical tubes, specially created to preserve the aroma of the CBD inflorescences. The Joint Green Spirits are ready for use and can be transported comfortably, without the risk of them being damaged or loosing the aroma.

The pack of 20 pieces has been designed not only to store the Joint easily, but also as a practical display, in fact inside it contains a drawer that allows you to easily extract them. Furthermore, in the upper part of the box, special holes have been created to expose the product in a simple, direct and functional way.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Quantity: 1 piece (1g) 1 pack (20 pieces) 
  • CBD: 24.87% 
  • THC: 0.97%
  • Production: Indoor
  • Tobacco free 
  • 100% CBD Cannabis, no nicotine and no chemical additives.
  • Trimming: the coarse part is treated with the use of industrial trim, than grinded with the use of industrial grinders
  • Cleaning: perfect final hand cleaning
  • Hand rolled 

CBD Prerolled Joint Green Spirits original. Be wary of imitations.

This product is made in Switzerland.

Expiry date: 24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package.

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Expiry date

24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package.

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