Hash CBD Malana Cream

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Premium CBD Hashish – 100% additive FREE

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Hash CBD Malana Cream is presented as a resinous plant compound deriving from the hemp manufacturing process. The product shows the terpene profile of the Canpa Strains used for processing.
Ideal product for those who want a higher concentration of CBD.

CBD Hash Malana Cream is obtained from the processing of Cannabis Indica inflorescences, from which a resin and/or pollen agglomeration is obtained. It comes in more or less sticky shapes and colors ranging from light yellow to black through all shades of brown. It is of course possible to obtain this compound also from the processing of legal Cannabis plants in this case CBD by keeping the values of the active ingredients below the current legal limit.

Green Spirits Hash produced from high quality Cannabis Sativa L. female inflorescences, made in Switzerland organically, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical additives. 100% Additive FREE.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • CBD: 30.19%
  • THC: 0.95%
  • Quantity: 5 grams
  • Indoor production inflorescences used for processing
  • Appearance: compressed block of dark brown color, first resin treatment. Excellent sensations to the touch
  • Aroma: intense Malana Cream, magical, internally we believe it is the best of the proposed varieties, once tested it will be difficult to forget
  • Odor: smell which shows the high quality of the product. The nose is always right
  • Consistency: optimal quality texture, malleable at the right point, middle-hard
  • Test: flame heating test excellent results
  • Processing: industrial refined by hand during the final process

Green Spirits Hash Cannabis Sativa L. is among the best on the CBD Hash retail market in Switzerland. It does not contain preservatives or other chemical excipients. Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Keep out of reach of children. Sale to minors under 18 is prohibited.

Hash CBD Malana Cream Green Spirits original. Be wary of imitations.

This product is made in Switzerland.

Expiry date: 24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package. On average 6 months after opening the sealed package.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 2 cm

5 grams

Typology Flowers

Indoor production inflorescences used for processing


< 1%


< 35%



Expiry date

24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package.

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