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A Free Donation in order to reach the annual donation quote we will be able to give more space and attention to details. The primary objective is to raise and maintain the 100% additive free standard in all Green Spirits products marketed directly to the end customer and to partner retailers.

The importance of maintaining a clean and zero kilometer products over time represents an accessible and practicable challenge for Green Spirits.

In the next three years this will be our direction and with your help we will be able to achieve this objective and standardize it.

A free donation is certainly a great pleasure even if you appreciate our products and our precision, if you appreciate paying only 50% of the shipping costs and if you appreciate the fact that the Company offers its products with VAT included even in front of the current VAT increase 2024.

The support that the brand has already received gives us hope, but we need further support to reach our fundraising goal: chf 10,000 per year. Would you like to contribute to this campaign? Your help means a lot to me, regardless of the amount.

How to donate?

Simply choose the amount using the convenient drop-down menu.

We take this opportunity to communicate that it would be of further help if you could share the link to the campaign with people you think might be interested and on social media. The more people who know about it, the less time it will take to reach your fundraising goal.

We would like to talk to you in person about this Donation source collection campaign which would allow Green Spirits to make concrete steps forward, so we invite you to contact us when the time is right for you.

How the funds raised will be used?
  • Maintain the 100% additive free standard
  • Avoid wasting water
  • Dispose of waste correctly
  • Prefer zero kilometer products
  • Take advantage of clean and renewable energy
  • Plant trees and plants
  • Buy eco-sustainable products

We wish to express in advance our most sincere gratitude for your possible contribution. Your generous gift will play a significant role in helping to develop techniques and improve collaboration between Hemp production and substitutes and environmental sustainability. On behalf of Green Spirits, we thank you in advance for helping us make the difference.

Green Spirits undergoes rigorous internal quality controls in compliance with the current federal legislation on the subject and in compliance with the prerequisites of IG Hanf Switzerland sector association.

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