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Natural Oil Cannabis Sativa L.

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Broad-spectrum Natural Oil is a powerful CBD oil made in Switzerland, created using low temperatures and advanced extraction methods to retain all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant and maximize the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that concerns the world of plants in which multiple plant compounds work in synergy to increase the potency of the final product. Also contains flavonoids, terpenes, phenols and other active ingredients from the Hemp plant including CBN, CBV, CBG, CBDa, CBGa (entourage effect). This density corresponds to an ambient temperature of 16 or 17°C, since CBD oil expands as the temperature increases, thus decreasing its density.

CBD Broad-spectrum Natural Oil of excellent texture with CBD purity 10% or 20% or 50%.

  • Content: 10 ml
  • Extraction: natural supercritical CO2
  • Values: CBD 10%, CBD 20%, CBD 50%
  • Values: THC 0.0% n.d. (not detected)
  • Mixed: virgin Cannabis oil (other methods on request)
  • Appearance: light amber color oil
  • Density: viscous and sticky. It will become more liquid as you heat it
  • Odor: natural without additive

It does not contain MCT oil (medium chain fatty acids). It does not contain fractionated coconut oil. It does not contain preservatives or other chemical excipients. THC 0.0% n.d. (not detected). Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Intake via sublingual capillaries and/or via the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Sale to minors under 18 is prohibited.

CBD Broad-spectrum Natural Oil Green Spirits original. Be wary of imitations.

This product is made in Switzerland.

Expiry date: 24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package.

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10 ml


Broad-spectrum specifically contains a profile of active cannabinoids from hemp extracted in a way that eliminates the presence of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Expiry date

24 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated on the package.

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